Baby Bath Time

Have you ever imagined your baby to be covered with bubbles and playing with rubber duckies during bath time? While it is very cute to see a baby covered in bubbles, in reality babies are very clean and only need a (few) pea-sized drops of soap for bath time if any (OK, you may need a little bit more for those diaper explosion days…).

Bath Body Wash / Treatments

From my experience, I find Aveeno’s Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash to be quite moisturizing for baby’s skin versus the Johnson’s baby head-to-toe wash. In general, any transparent soap tend dry the skin unless they claim to have added moisturizing ingredients to it. If baby has stubborn eczema that doesn’t seem to go away and leaves dry patches on the body, Aveeno also has a Soothing Baby Bath Powder which works pretty well to moisturize the skin and helps with ezcema recovery. However, each box only comes with 5 pouches so they get used up pretty fast.


Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Bath Treatment


A more economical and yet moisturizing bath treatment for baby with dry skin is Eucerin Calming Daily Body Wash Bath Oil. This was recommended by my pediatrician. It leaves the skin feeling a bit slippery due to the oil content in this product so be careful when you take the slippery baby out of the bathtub.

Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash



Instead of using these soaps to wash baby, some moms drop a bit of (olive/coconut/your favourite oil) in the bathtub to bathe their kids. This is also good idea since the oils are edible (in case they do swallow some bath water sometimes). Oil can be used as a cleanser as I discovered recently from this site which talks about Oil Cleansing Method for skin. Some cosmetic lines like Shu Uemura also uses oil as a main ingredient for their face cleanser. However, it does leave the bathtub greasy so may not be too hygienic in the long run or if you are planning to use it for more than one kid.

Baby Oil ?


Contrary to a common belief that baby oil is an oil for baby, I think a lot of moms actually don’t use it for baby daily use. Baby oil is actually mineral oil + fragrance. Mineral oil is not food grade and they are mainly advertised to “provide moisture barrier” for the skin. I have used it to rub off cradle cap from my baby and found it to be a bit clogging for this condition and the moisture barrier formed by it seemed to not allow the skin to breath. As for fragrance, our skin naturally does not require fragrance so probably not a good thing for babies to use it. For adults, we may like scented lotions to sniff on but babies can probably wait until later :P.


Nowadays, baby bathtubs have a wedge in the middle so that babies don’t slide under the water while they sit in the bathtub. There are two sides for when they are infant (0-6 months) and baby/toddler (6 months+ or when they are able to sit). These designs are great for 0-6 months. However, as they are older and get bigger, their shoulders and chest don’t get covered with water in these bathtubs as they have to sit up in them. A portable, small size ceramic heater would be good to use during bath time.


For newborns, there is a product calledTummy Tub where the baby can sit upright in it. It is around $40 USD – I am not sure if this justifies for a mop bucket + some anti skid thing at the bottom. Again, babies will grow out of this small tub sooner than you think.


Tummy Tub


Munchkin has an inflatable bathtub which is great for travel purpose. This was recommended by a friend before I went on my first trip with baby. It comes packed in a small box which you can pack in your luggage. It is available at, Walmart and some baby specialty stores. This can also be used as a toy were you put balls in for baby to play with.

Munchkin White Hot® Inflatable Safety Duck Tub


Does your baby love bath time? Does he or she have a favourite bath toy? Which bath tub / soap do you use?


2 thoughts on “Baby Bath Time

  1. Great post! I have not tried any of those products except the Johnson head-to-toe baby wash/shampoo, since that was the product they used at NYGH, we came home and continued with it. For dryness (which is mostly just on his face) I just use Vaseline. You are right about the baby tubs. Very useful, esp for a smaller baby.

    J actually HATES baths, he seemed to be scared of the water and cried every time. This fear however, turned 180 degrees after I took him swimming! Now he doesn’t mind the bath as much and even let me pour water on his hair after shampooing! Miracle lol


    • That’s very interesting that baby J likes bath after swimming lessons! I have heard times when baby loves bath and gets scared as soon as they go into the big swimming pool of water. Good for him!


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