To Baby Bullet or Not?

As a rookie mom, I learned not to get everything “baby” for my baby because not all of these baby products work the best. I was fortunate enough to receive a Baby Bullet from my baby shower and started using it as soon as baby started solids. It comes with little containers with smiley faces to store the food and a little silicon freezer ice cube tray. They worked really well in the beginning. I was making food, storing it, marking the dates by twisting the date ring and freezing leftovers. As time goes by, it turns out the containers which are plastic cannot be sanitized by boiling, the plastic cover will get warped after that. If the lids get dropped or thrown by baby after they discovered that skill, they may crack too. They are good for storing little snacks like cheerios but the 6 containers are not sufficient when baby increases appetite to eat more. Also, I don’t use the freezer tray after baby eats more as it’s not enough to store a week’s worth of food. Now, I only use the processor and not the accessories that come with it.

So for a longer term solution, a regular (small size) food processor would work just as fine and some of these processors have a blade which can be taken out to be washed separately.  The Baby Bullet blade is attached to the lid and a bit hard to clean if food gets trapped underneath. The motor of the bullet is also made of plastic, I am getting a feeling that it may break one day after pressing on to it too hard.

For the containers, any BPA-free ones would just work as fine – just no smiley faces on them… 🙂

Have you ever bought any “baby products” that may have worked better with regular “adult versions”?


One thought on “To Baby Bullet or Not?

  1. I also received a baby bullet as a gift and to be quite honest, I think a regular food processor or even a hand blender will work just fine. The 6 containers that came with the baby bullet are not microwave safe, so you have to scoop out the food to put into another bowl to microwave. Also, the volume of the 6 pockets in the freezer tray are too small and you have to run it under warm water to take out a unit. Not the most ideal for storing food for 1 week. I don’t think you can. I have instead bought baby cubes. These are freezer and microwave free containers. They come in volumes of 40ml, 70 ml and 140 ml which is much better for storing food for 1 week, esp if the baby’s appetite is big (like mine) haha

    I guess for new mothers that still want to buy the baby bullet, my advice is…. buy it off the babybullet website instead of toys r us…. if you buy it off the website, you get their cook book for free. Otherwise, you have to pay $14.95 for it if you purchase the bullet at a retail store… (I asked… haha) what a ripper! You should share some recipes on your next post! 😀

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